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Your Album

 Your wedding album should be amazing.  It should be something that you enjoy as much now as you will perhaps one day looking at it with your children or even grandchildren.

It should be timeless, beautiful and unique.

Despite all the technical sophistication we have at our fingertips today, the enduring power of a piece of paper with static images printed on it never ceases to amaze me.



The fine art wedding albums that I design and create are exquisite.  The design of each one is unique. They are exceptionally beautiful, a completely feast for the senses – they look, feel and smell simply sumptuous!  But the appeal of these fine art wedding albums is far from skin deep, sure the leather used for their binding is of the highest quality but it’s in the print quality that these albums really start to stand head and shoulders above other albums.  Unlike albums where the pictures are printed on glossy photographic paper (which is prone to finger print smudges), the pictures in my fine art wedding album are printed onto fine art paper – hence the name.  The quality of the printing is unmatched, the matt finish to the images stunningly renders the textures of black & white pictures and for colour pictures, the colours are rich and vibrant without being over saturated or unrealistic.

The last reason, but in some way the most important one, why my fine art wedding albums are so loved by my clients is the design of the page layouts.  I love designing my wedding albums.  I personally design every album and every album has a unique layout.  In the same way that no two weddings are alike, there are no two albums that are the same either.  The layout of each page is carefully considered; does it help tell the story of your wedding, is its design balanced and in keeping with the pace and style of the other pages.  The design process takes me a long time and so it should, after all it’s the final product.  It’s how your photos will be seen, loved and perhaps even judged.

fine-art-album_05 fine-art-album_04 fine-art-album_03

 Ordering your album

 Once you have been given access to your online gallery of images, you’ll be able to start selecting the pictures that you’d like to include in your album.  Typically this would be between 80-150 pictures but it’s completely up to you.

Once I have received your image selection, I then design your album layout, sending a proof to you for approval before sending it on to my printers and album binders.  All you then need to decide is what colour leather you’d like and any text you’d like to be engraved on the front.

Once I have submitted your approved design, your album should be in your hands in about 6 weeks time.  You can then enjoy it for generations to come.

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