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Worthing | Pre-Wedding Portraits

Kim + Chris


I met Kim & Chris in their home town of Worthing.  I’d never been to Worthing before and frankly was not quite prepared for what a strange experience it turned out to be.  I don’t mean this in any disparaging way whatsoever, I have no doubt that ordinarily Worthing is a lovely little seaside town.  It just so happened that on the day I visited it, it was like something out of a strange parallel reality, I genuinely thought someone might have spiked my Vimto or perhaps I had finally exceeded the Haribo ‘safe dose’.

There was nothing out of the ordinary about my drive down from Bristol, it was a beautifully sunny afternoon and I was really looking forward to taking some great shots along the seafront and along the pier with some of that beautiful amber early evening sun cascading on to Kim & Chris. However about a mile away from my destination I must have accidentally driven through some worm-hole as instead of a beautiful sunny evening I now found myself slap bang in the middle of the thickest sea mists I’ve ever seen.  I jest not when I say that I could barely see 200 yards in front of me and I certainly couldn’t see the end of the pier from the shore and whats more there was no sign of it shifting.

I met Kim & Chris in their flat, that would ordinarily have had a beautiful view of the sea, and could tell that they were pretty disappointed by the mist.  Typically they’d never seen anything like it either.  But actually once we got out and started to take some pictures I LOVED weird Worthing’s weather.  I think it gives these pictures a wonderful mood and atmosphere and makes them pretty unique.

Kim & Chris were great fun to be with and were fantastic sports.  I can’t wait for their wedding next month.

Worthing-Engagment-pictures_008 Worthing-Engagment-pictures_001 Worthing-Engagment-pictures_028 Worthing-Engagment-pictures_007 Worthing-Engagment-pictures_010 Worthing-Engagment-pictures_009

Worthing-Engagment-pictures_013 Worthing-Engagment-pictures_022 Worthing-Engagment-pictures_020 Worthing-Engagment-pictures_018 Worthing-Engagment-pictures_019 Worthing-Engagment-pictures_027 Worthing-Engagment-pictures_002 Worthing-Engagment-pictures_021 Worthing-Engagment-pictures_015 Worthing-Engagment-pictures_016 Worthing-Engagment-pictures_005 Worthing-Engagment-pictures_012 Worthing-Engagment-pictures_017 Worthing-Engagment-pictures_032 Worthing-Engagment-pictures_023 Worthing-Engagment-pictures_029 Worthing-Engagment-pictures_006 Worthing-Engagment-pictures_004

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