West Wycombe Park Wedding

West Wycombe Park Wedding | Buckinghamshire

Ria + Nurain


“To say we are pleased with the photos would be an understatement- they are incredible! Delighted and absolutely love them all.”


West Wycombe Park Wedding


I’d never photographed a West Wycombe Park Wedding before.  To be honest, despite my parents living not far away, I’d never even heard of West Wycombe Park.  Oh boy was I in for a treat!

So not only had I never been to West Wycombe Park before, I’d also never photographed a Hindu wedding ceremony before. I was totally upfront with Ria & Nurain about this in case they felt they wanted someone who had experience photographing with Hindu ceremonies.  Thankfully neither of them were phased by it…in fact I think Nurain said he’d never been to one before either!  I couldn’t wait.  I love new experiences/cultures so was really excited to witness my first Hindu Ceremony.  It didn’t disappoint.

But as we all know, wedding aren’t really about posh dresses, venues and canapés, they are about the person we love and are marrying and the people we has choose to surround ourselves with on this amazing day. As a wedding photographer I can’t stress the difference it makes to be spending the day with a nice group of people.  In the case of Ria, Nurain, their family and friends I totally hit the jackpot.  It was totally like being surround by my own family and friends (but less dysfunctional) to the extent that I even called Ria’s parents mum and dad or rather Ma & Baba.  I’ve still got a very soft spot for Baba.  Some people just have a lovely air about them and Baba had this is spades, it was a joy sending time with him, a very generous and kind man.

I got to know Ria & Nurain a little bit before their wedding during a Pre-Wedding portraits shoot we did in Bristol a few weeks before their wedding.  It’s always be a bit nerve-racking before you meet a couple for the first time (despite how many Skype call you may have done previously) because I think it’s important that we get on, maybe even genuinely like each other. I think it not only makes  difference to how enjoyable the wedding photography will be but more importantly I think it plays out a bit in the photos.  It makes sense, the more you all get on the more relaxed everyone is and then the photos more of less take themselves (well not quite but you know what I mean).  Anyway, I was pretty instantly a huge fan of Ria & Nurain. Just lovely people who were very relaxed, down-to-each and easy to get along with.  And I think you can tell this in their pictures, there’s a genuine warmth and ease about them.

So here we go, here are their pictures of an awesome couple of days.  A wedding and a couple that I will reminder for a very long time.  Also a big shout out to my friend Anthony Burdett-Clark for helping me out with 2nd shooting duties on the day.

West Wycombe Park WeddingWest Wycombe Park WeddingWest Wycombe Park WeddingWest Wycombe Park WeddingWest Wycombe Park WeddingWest Wycombe Park WeddingWest Wycombe Park WeddingWest Wycombe Park WeddingWest Wycombe Park WeddingWest Wycombe Park Wedding

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