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Washbourne Court Wedding

Washbourne Court Wedding

A winter Washbourne Court Wedding in the heart of the Cotswolds.  It already sounds like something out of a fairy story doesn’t it?  The Washbourne Court Hotel is situated in the heart of Lower Slaughter. The hotel  is a honey hued Cotswold stone building, low beamed ceilings with a relaxed ambience. It would be somewhat of an understatement to say that Lower Slaughter is a pretty little village.  It’s picture perfect, the sort of village that is straight out of a movie…Americans wouldn’t believe that these sorts of places exist outside of theme parks! (not wishing to disenfranchise American readers of course!)

Marks & Katka got married in December last year.  I was preparing myself for some bitingly cold weather and perhaps even a touch of snow (especially based on the weather we had at this time the year before).  I could never have dreamt of the honey coloured sunlight we’d be blessed enough to have.

washbourne-court-wedding 003

Having photographed Mark & Katka’s adorable little boy George and having had a lovely time with them on their pre-wedding portrait session, it felt very much like photographing a friend’s wedding.  That coupled with the fact that Rob, Mark’s best man, is both a friend and neighbour of mine, it really was like being amongst friends!  In fact I’ve got a lot to thank Rob for as he first introduced me to Mark and Katka.

washbourne-court-wedding 005

I know its a bit of a cliche and perhaps bit of a cop-out to not expand on the day any further and just say that my pictures should tell the story. But it’s true, photography and particularly wedding photography has storytelling at it heart.  This is the story of Mark and Katka and their Washbourne Court wedding.

It just leaves me to say that I hope you enjoy these pictures.  I hope I’ve portrayed Mark and Katka’s day in a genuine, loving and beautiful way.  And should you happen to have been a guest at this wedding and find yourself reading this – thank you -as a group of wedding guests you have been amongst the kindest, most friendly , good humoured not to mention good looking bunch I’ve had the pleasure to spend a wedding with :)

washbourne-court-wedding 001



washbourne-court-wedding 004

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Whether you’ve having your own Washbourne Court Wedding or are getting married elsewhere, if you’re still looking for a wedding photographer I would love to hear from you.  Please feel free to contact me here or just give me a call 07760 130 044.

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