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Very English Pre-Wed

A Very English Pre-Wed | Chi & Pauline

I always like to meet couples before I photograph them yet sometimes circumstance or geography make this pretty hard.  In the case of Chi & Pauline it was the latter, they live in Hong Kong so meeting up would have been some what difficult.

Initially Chi contacted me with regards to having a pre-wedding portrait session using London landmarks as the backdrop for the session. This is quite popular especially with Chinese couples.  However on looking through my website and blog a bit more Chi and Pauline thought it might be a bit more fun and just as quintessentially English to head out to the countryside and use a stately home as a back drop instead…….and I wholeheartedly concurred.

So a few emails and a Skype call later we found ourselves deep in Jane Austen country just outside the city of Bath and to make things even more typically English the weather was crappy having been wonderful the previous week. Typical!

To be honest I’d have happily photographed Chi & Pauline in the middle of a thunderstorm in Reading town centre and we’d still have had a great time.  What a totally delightful couple.  They were so in sync with what I was trying to achieve for them, so up for anything and always with a smile on their face. What’s more they were incredible patience with me trying out my new tilt-shift lens that had only arrived the day before.

In the end I feel the results are just as much a product of Chi & Pauline being an amazingly relaxed couple to photograph as they are of me pressing the shutter release button. I love these pictures and so do Chi & Pauline.

I hope you like them too.

chinese-pre-wedding-pictures 001chinese-pre-wedding-pictures 002chinese-pre-wedding-pictures 003chinese-pre-wedding-pictures 004chinese-pre-wedding-pictures 005chinese-pre-wedding-pictures 006chinese-pre-wedding-pictures 007chinese-pre-wedding-pictures 008chinese-pre-wedding-pictures 009chinese-pre-wedding-pictures 010chinese-pre-wedding-pictures 011chinese-pre-wedding-pictures 012chinese-pre-wedding-pictures 013chinese-pre-wedding-pictures 014chinese-pre-wedding-pictures 015chinese-pre-wedding-pictures 016chinese-pre-wedding-pictures 017chinese-pre-wedding-pictures 018chinese-pre-wedding-pictures 019chinese-pre-wedding-pictures 020chinese-pre-wedding-pictures 021chinese-pre-wedding-pictures 022chinese-pre-wedding-pictures 023chinese-pre-wedding-pictures 024chinese-pre-wedding-pictures 025

If you are from Hong Kong, China, Timbuktu or indeed anywhere else and are looking for a pre or post wedding portrait session I’d love to hear from you.  You can use my contact form or please feel fee to just call me for a chat about your wedding, 07760130044.

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