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The Tythe Barn Wedding | Kirsten & Anthony

 The Tythe Barn Wedding | Kirsten & Anthony


I hadn’t been to a wedding at The Tythe Barn near Bicester since my sister got married there about 7 years ago.  It was great to be back, this time with my camera.  Things had been updated a little but it still remains a very beautiful wedding venue and is brilliantly run by the present owners.

Kirsten had her bridal preparation at her parents’ house and was driven to St Mary The Virgin church in Broughton by her Dad in an open-top Mercedes sports car (which I believe was kindly lent to them by a friend of the family). Many apologies to any petrol heads out there but I have no idea with regards to the model or year…..I do however know that is had a cool white steering wheel and nice red seats…..does that narrow it down a bit?  What a great way to arrived.

Kirsten looked absolutely stunning, genuinely drop dead gorgeous, her dress was sublime. Anthony didn’t scrub up too badly either, looking very sharp in his blue suit and tan shoes (I’m biased as to how great he looked because this is what I wore to my wedding).

The ceremony at St Mary The Virgin was wonderful and it was a delightful change to have a vicar who couldn’t have been more relaxed and helpful (I’ve had my fair share of dragons this year!), he made the ceremony totally about Kirsten & Anthony and their love for each other. Just how is should be.

The brave owner of said Mercedes then let Anthony drive his wife to their reception venue, The Tythe Barn.  I’m sure Anthony will forgive me when I say with his glasses and blue suit there was a touch of Austin Powers going on……YEAH BABY YEAH.  Totally cool.

The Tythe Barn is a great wedding venue and we were blessed with some fabulous weather.  Food was curtesy of Jamie Oliver Catering, each table had their own roast joint of meat which was then carved by a nominated guest at their table.  It’s a great idea and worked fantastically to add a bit of fun to the meal.

Lastly a quick shout out to Anthony’s best men, perhaps the funniest speeches I’ve heard all year.  Truly hysterical stuff and pitched just right.

Many many congratulation Kisten & Anthony, thanks again for choosing me to take the pictures, I loved every minute of it not least Anthony’s dance-floor moves! (scroll down)

Here’s the story of their day.

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The-Tythe-Barn-Wedding_013 The-Tythe-Barn-Wedding_014 The-Tythe-Barn-Wedding_015 The-Tythe-Barn-Wedding_016 The-Tythe-Barn-Wedding_017 The-Tythe-Barn-Wedding_018 The-Tythe-Barn-Wedding_019 The-Tythe-Barn-Wedding_020 The-Tythe-Barn-Wedding_021 The-Tythe-Barn-Wedding_022 The-Tythe-Barn-Wedding_023 The-Tythe-Barn-Wedding_024 The-Tythe-Barn-Wedding_025 The-Tythe-Barn-Wedding_026 The-Tythe-Barn-Wedding_027 The-Tythe-Barn-Wedding_028 The-Tythe-Barn-Wedding_029 The-Tythe-Barn-Wedding_030 The-Tythe-Barn-Wedding_031 The-Tythe-Barn-Wedding_032 The-Tythe-Barn-Wedding_033 The-Tythe-Barn-Wedding_034 The-Tythe-Barn-Wedding_035 The-Tythe-Barn-Wedding_036 The-Tythe-Barn-Wedding_037 The-Tythe-Barn-Wedding_038 The-Tythe-Barn-Wedding_039 The-Tythe-Barn-Wedding_059 The-Tythe-Barn-Wedding_060 The-Tythe-Barn-Wedding_040 The-Tythe-Barn-Wedding_041 The-Tythe-Barn-Wedding_042 The-Tythe-Barn-Wedding_043 The-Tythe-Barn-Wedding_044 The-Tythe-Barn-Wedding_045 The-Tythe-Barn-Wedding_046 The-Tythe-Barn-Wedding_047 The-Tythe-Barn-Wedding_048 The-Tythe-Barn-Wedding_058 The-Tythe-Barn-Wedding_057 The-Tythe-Barn-Wedding_049 The-Tythe-Barn-Wedding_050 The-Tythe-Barn-Wedding_051 The-Tythe-Barn-Wedding_052 The-Tythe-Barn-Wedding_053 The-Tythe-Barn-Wedding_054 The-Tythe-Barn-Wedding_055 The-Tythe-Barn-Wedding_056 The-Tythe-Barn-Wedding_061 The-Tythe-Barn-Wedding_062 The-Tythe-Barn-Wedding_063 The-Tythe-Barn-Wedding_064 The-Tythe-Barn-Wedding_065 The-Tythe-Barn-Wedding_066 The-Tythe-Barn-Wedding_067 The-Tythe-Barn-Wedding_068 The-Tythe-Barn-Wedding_069 The-Tythe-Barn-Wedding_070

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