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Syon Park | A London Pre-Wed

 Syon Park Portraits | Elaine & Darren

london-pre-wedding-portraits 001

I can never quite believe quite how quickly weddings come around.  It feels so long ago since I first met Elaine and Darren in a pub in London to show them my albums yet their wedding is next month.  Yikes, what happened to 2012!

For their pre-wedding portraits Elaine and Darren chose Syon Park as a location. WOW what a fantastic location, there’s an amazing house, over 200 acres of parkland, some stunning conservatories.  All in all a total dream of a location for some gentle, relaxed portraits………BUT

It was closed!!!!!!!

I had arrived early (occupational hazard of a wedding photographer) and so discovered the news of it being closed before Elaine and Darren arrived.  I was gutted that it was closed but was determined that this wasn’t going to spoilt our afternoon in terms of having some fun getting to know each other or me taking some stunning shots of them.  It’s at times like this, as a photographer, that either you can roll over and give into the situation or you can take up the challenge and dig deep into your creative resources.

I had a quick scout around the immediate vicinity of the car park at Syon Park, there were a few fields that would have been ideal but were strictly private but really not much else going on.  Well not much else except a bit of scrub-land at the back of a hotel with a couple of trees and waist-high weeds. This was to be our glamorous location, a bit more Syon ‘Car’ Park than Syon Park but I was determined to make it work.

And luckily it did work but to be very honest the reason it did had very little to do with me and any creative skill I have as a photographer and lots to do with Elaine and Darren. I can’t thank both of them enough for being so un-phased and calm about the park being closed. It was a joy spending time with them – even amongst the waist high weeds!  Some people are so kind, so trusting and patient that not only do I really want to take the best pictures I can for them but by being so calm they actually help me take better pictures.  This was exactly the case with Elaine and Darren.  I always believe that taking pictures of people is a collaborative process and on this occasion I couldn’t have had a better couple to collaborate with. Thank you so much both of you.

london-pre-wedding-portraits 002london-pre-wedding-portraits 003london-pre-wedding-portraits 004london-pre-wedding-portraits 005london-pre-wedding-portraits 006london-pre-wedding-portraits 007london-pre-wedding-portraits 008london-pre-wedding-portraits 009

london-pre-wedding-portraits 010london-pre-wedding-portraits 011london-pre-wedding-portraits 012

If you’re getting married and are still looking for a wedding photographer to capture your day in a creative yet relaxed fashion I would love to hear from you.  You can use my contact form or please feel fee to just call me for a chat about your wedding, 07760130044.


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