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If you're interested in having a look at my most recent work then this is the place to find it. There's lots to look at, mostly weddings but also some pre-wed portrait shoots and a few random personal blog posts as well.

Please feel free to have a good rummage around and if you like what you see and would be interested in talking to me about photographing your wedding then I'd love to hear from you. You can reach me via my contact page.

Street Fashion Photography

Street Fashion Photography

So what’s all this about street fashion and anyway I thought you were a wedding photography, so what are you playing at?

It doesn’t really matter what discipline or genre of photography you pick, it’s all about light and composition. Honing and extending your skills in any of the photographic genres can spill over into your day job (or weekend job in the case of wedding photography) often with significant rewards to be had.

For me, this was an opportunity to explore a slightly looser style of photography and one which I am keen to explore and improve my skills at.  Not only do I hope to apply some of the compositional techniques to my wedding photography but this style I feel lends itself marvellously to pre-wedding portrait shoots.

I’ve always loved compositions that place the subject within a context, where the environment and surroundings become supportive and significant elements in the structure of the picture rather than merely incidental components of it.  I hope I’ve succeeded in achieving this in some of these shots, it can often be a fine line between getting it right and losing your subject in the background.  For me, there will always be something about these wide shots that feels very filmic, and with the model’s red coat there seems to be more than a nod to Nic Roeg’s Don’t Look Now (except of course our model wasn’t an evil murderous dwarf).

I hope you like the pictures, I’d love to hear what you think of them


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