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St Paul’s Cathedral Wedding

St Paul’s Cathedral Wedding

There’s a certainly amount of incredulity when you receive an enquiry to photograph a wedding where the venue is clearly stated as a St Paul’s’ Cathedral wedding.  My first thought was that this was not a very subtle or humorous joke from any number of my friends who are also wedding photographers.  There was even a small part of me that wasn’t even going to bother replying to the enquiry as it was so obviously a hoax.

Well in the end I did reply.  And I’m pretty pleased I did.

What a fantastic way to start off the year.

I made a visit to St Paul’s Cathedral ahead of the wedding so I had a good idea of the lighting, the photography restrictions and scouted the immediate area for some possible locations.  I never like to get too rigidly fixed on what shots I plan for the day but I like to have a loose framework to help give me some structure and this also helps steady my nerves for an occasion such as this.  Having said this, there’s isn’t anything about shooting a wedding at St Paul’s Cathedral that made me do my job in any fundamentally different way to that which I shoot all my weddings.  There are however some quite strict restrictions placed on photography during the service……and when I say strict I basically mean you can’t take any.  The shots I have below of the service are taken through some wooden lattice work of the doors at the back of the Chapel and which the photographer must stand behind.  I actually love these shots, and so did the couple.

Before meeting Susie and Henry for the first time at their pre-wedding portrait shoot, I didn’t quite know who got married at St Paul’s Cathedral let alone who was actually allowed to (if you’re interested in who can get married at St Paul’s Cathedral I’ve added a little bit at the end of  this blog post).  Susie and Henry are a terrific couple.  They are genuine, relaxed and fun.  There is always going to be a sense of formality about any St Paul’s Cathedral wedding but Susie and Henry made sure that there was never a moment where the formally overtook the day.  The whole day was totally about them, their love for each other, their friends and their family – it just so happened that they were getting married in one of the most prestigious buildings in the world – as you do!

And I almost forgot, for a weekend in February the weather was simply AMAZING.  I love London in the sun, it genuinely makes me miss living there.

So basically everything was set:

amazing venue – CHECK

fabulous couple  – CHECK

stunning weather – CHECK

And so that just leaves me to shares the photographs of how the day unfolded.  I hope you enjoy them.

many many thanks go to Bert Palmer who very kindly agreed to take on 2nd shooter duties.  I couldn’t have done it without you.  You rocked it!


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st-pauls-cathedral-wedding 093

st-pauls-cathedral-wedding 094

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st-pauls-cathedral-wedding 097

st-pauls-cathedral-wedding 098

st-pauls-cathedral-wedding 100st-pauls-cathedral-wedding 099

st-pauls-cathedral-wedding 101st-pauls-cathedral-wedding 102

st-pauls-cathedral-wedding 103

st-pauls-cathedral-wedding 104

st-pauls-cathedral-wedding 105

st-pauls-cathedral-wedding 106

If you are getting married at St Paul’s Cathedral, or perhaps somewhere a little smaller, and are still looking for a wedding photographer to capture your day for you I would love to hear from you.  You can use my contact form or please feel fee to just call me for a chat about your wedding, 07760130044.


 So who can get married at St Paul’s Cathedral

Marriages according to the Rites of the Church of England take place in the Chapel of The Order of the British Empire located in the crypt of St Paul’s, subject to a successful application for a Special Licence granted by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

This privilege is extended only to members of the Order of St Michael and St George, the Order of the British Empire, holders of the British Empire Medal,  members of the Imperial Society of Knights Bachelor and their children (but not grandchildren). 

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