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St Paul’s Cathedral Wedding Photographer

In 2012 I am photographing a wedding at St Paul’s Cathedral in London.  Yes indeed, I will be the wedding photographer for a wedding to be held at the one and only St Paul’s Cathedral – I can’t quite believe it.

ST PAUL’S CATHEDRAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(note to reader: I’m repeating myself because I can’t quite believe it rather than for SEO purposes – honest!)

Since I live in Bristol, there has ben much hilarity amongst my friends who tell me I’ve got the wrong end of the stick and in fact the wedding is in St Paul’s, the area of Bristol most commonly known due to the riots there in 1980, rather than the Cathedral in London. Ha-de-ha. What can I say, I didn’t pick my friends for their sharp wit!

St Pauls' Cathedral wedding photographer

Perhaps surprisingly, I’m not really daunted by it at all but I am most certainly very excited.  What better way to kick off the the start of the wedding photography season than a little old wedding at one of, if not THE most prestigious wedding venue in the country.

As one (OMG I’m even starting to use the term ‘one’ – HELP) might expect there are a number of rules to abide by / hoops to jump through when photographing a wedding here.  I thought it might be interesting to share them with you here:

Once at the Cathedral, the Photographer is under the direction of the Virger who will be able to give advice and go through the expectations of what is and is not permitted.  The photographer may take photographs of the groom, best man and ushers in the chapel half an hour before the service, finishing fifteen minutes before the service is due to begin.  Should you wish to have photographs of the Bride with the Bridesmaids before the service, the Bridal Party should arrive 15 minutes before the Service. 

 The Photographer may take photographs of the Bridal Party as they make their way from the transept door down to the chapel.  Once the Bridal Party lines up, the Photographer stops taking photographs to allow space for the Bride as she prepares for the service to start.  The photographer may not enter the chapel at this point, but instead waits until the bride has reached the front before standing just inside the doors.

 During the first hymn the Photographer may take photographs of the couple, without flash, from the back of the Chapel.  In order to avoid distraction, the Photographer is not permitted to take any other photographs during the service, the Photographer leaving the Chapel after the first hymn and returning for the Signing of the Registers.

 When the procession moves into the Vestry for the Signing of the Registers, the Photographer may walk up the side aisle to the Vestry.  The actual signing cannot be photographed but there will be plenty of opportunity for posed photographs when the Registers are signed.

 The Photographer then moves to the back of the Chapel and may take photographs as you make your exit.  He/she takes photographs of this as it happens, rather than asking you to stop or to pose for the photographs.

 Once out of the Cathedral it is your responsibility to direct the Photographer, however the Rose Garden and crypt steps will be cleared of tourists to allow photographs just after the service.

 I love London, I lived and worked there for many years and it’s always great to be back shooting a wedding there.  I don’t quite know what it is but there really is something very special about London weddings.  I’m lucky enough to be up in London quite a bit for weddings in 2012.  Can’t wait.

If you are getting married in 2012, whether it be in London or elsewhere, and are still looking for a photographer who is creative, professional and personable, I would love to hear from you.  Feel free to use my contact form or alternatively just give me call,  07760 130 044, it would be great to hear al about your wedding plans.

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