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Shabby Chic in Soho (part 1)

Every once in a while your photographic planets align themselves and create a bit of magic. To my great luck, this was one of those occasions. I loved the whole day as much as I love the photographs from it.

I’ve spend the vast majority of my working life in London’s Soho, so it was a joy to be back here. It was amazing to be in a tiny little private members club (Soho has to be littered with these things!) which I must have walked past dozens of times but was blissfuly unaware of. It would seem the more exclusive these clubs are the less signage they have to indicate their existence!

Arriving at the club, it was almost as if a team of stylists had already been in, it was perfect! That’s not to say that the stylists on the day weren’t amazing. In fact both Natalie Dale and Rebecca Newport are both at the top of their game, it was a privilege to have them involved in this shoot, their contribution was immense. Natalie also sourced all the dresses and accessories, so if it hadn’t of been for her none of this would have happened.  Thanks Nat.

For make-up we were incredibly lucky to get hold of renowned London make-up artist Tora Young, her make-up was flawless with almost no post-production needed. And for hair we had none other than Lyndsey Harrison who is massively in demand after the magic she worked with the cast on TOWIE.

Our model was Bria from Brighton. She was wonderful, she new exactly what we wanted and she gave it to us in bucket loads.  She was so professional and easy going. I’d love to work with her again someday.

The involvement of the whole team on the day left little more than for me to just press the button of my camera. It really wasn’t much harder than that. I so loved working with this team of creatives, the bringing together of all these ideas just seems to add up to more than the sum of its parts. Its a bit of a clumsy analogy, but wedding photography is also all about the team effort. In the case of a wedding the team are the make-up artist, hair dresser, bridesmaids, ushers, catering manager, wedding planners, toast master, musicians, DJs etc. Everyone adds their little bit to the recipe, mixing it up and seasoning things as they go. Each recipe is unique but always exquisite!

Oh……………. and the dog was called Betsy and belonged to Tora!

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