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Riverdale Barn Wedding

Rivervale Barn Wedding | Isobel + Russ


“We’ve just seen the photos whilst sat at the top of the Burj al Arab in Dubai having cocktails.  Mate they are amazing.  Truly amazing !!”



So here are the pictures of Isobel & Russ’ Rivervale Barn Wedding in Hampshire…but before we get on to the pictures, below is a little bit of background to the day.

I’ll be very honest, I always get pretty nervous the night before a wedding.  I’m not quite sure why, it’s just the way I am I guess. I’m very conscious of the importance of capturing the day and how unrepeatable it all is.  I’m also aware of how wonderfully emotive, creative and beautiful wedding photography can be. All of this can create quite a bit of pressure.   But the night before Isobel and Russ’ wedding I was a little bit extra nervous for a number of reasons.  Firstly Russ works in a creative role at the BBC and is very visually literate, he’s going to know if I’ve taken a great set of pictures or not.  Add to this that Russ also happens to be a wonderful wedding videographer, so knows the wedding industry intimately and what can be expected of photographers.  Add that Russ is also a very accomplished photographer.  And finally, the thought that was most frequently rushing around my head at 3am the night before their wedding, Russ knows A LOT of wedding photographers…some really great ones at that. So whilst I was extremely flattered to be asked to photograph their wedding I was also just little bit freaked out…the pressure was on!

So with all this build up, how did it turn out?  It was a truly wonderful day…every last bit of it!

I often think the tone of the day is frequently set by the bride and groom’s family and friends.  Arriving at Isobel’s parents’ house on the morning of the wedding, my nerves were immediately settled, her parents, family and bridesmaids were amazingly welcoming and everyone was happy to leave me to do my thing (I’m still trying to work out what my ‘thing’ is!). It’s interesting to see how much ‘access’ you are given as a wedding photographer to capture the day.  Ideally I want very little happening behind closed doors, I don’t want to capture an unrealistic or sanitised view of the day.  I want it all there in front of me, around me, I want to be amongst it.  I need to ‘feel’ it…and that’s just what Isobel’s and Russ’ fabulous family and friends allowed me to do.  Thank you.

A quick shout out before I let you see their pictures.  I was lucky  enough to work with Gione Da Silva, a truly great bloke and awesome videographer to spend the day with.

…and now on with the pictures



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