Just in case you feel like you’re going out on a bit of a limb choosing me as your wedding photographer, here are some others that did and lived to tell the tale.


Mo & Andy | parents’ house, Somerset

Mo & Andy - testimonial pic

 “Andy and I are not particular fans of having our photographs taken, and we certainly didn’t want any formal line ups, so finding a photographer who had a natural and relaxed approach was very important. Brett’s photographs are breathtakingly beautiful. He captured everything and everyone perfectly. Looking back at our wedding album I am immediately transported back in time – those feelings and memories of such happiness and love that day come flooding back. Thank you so much.”


Susie & Henry | St Paul’s Cathedral, London

Susie & Henry testimonial pic

“The Amazing Brett Symes! Seamless. Brett managed to get amazing shots and without getting in the way, we’ve had old friends get back in contact to ask about the photos and at least ten times we’ve been told they’re the best wedding photos they’ve seen. We could not recommend Brett highly enough, he was fantastic to work with and produced stellar results. We’ll definitely be using him for major events in the future.”


Lizzie & Paul | Guyers House, Wiltshire

Lizzie & Paul testimonial pic

“Getting the right photographer was one of the most important choices for us. We wanted our day to be captured in a way that made us relive the memories for evermore. It was also crucial for us that we ‘clicked’ with our photographer so that we enjoyed being around them on what was to be such a special day.

It’s a cliché but when we met Brett, he instantly ticked all the boxes. He has great energy, enthusiasm and warmth at the same time as taking the most incredibly, breathtaking photos. We were immediately excited when we saw his work, which was in a completely different league to everything else we had seen. One of our favorite aspects is his phenomenal use of light.

We booked Brett almost straight away and soon after went on a pre-wedding shoot. We had great fun and the photos were wonderful. We knew we had made the right choice. The photos from our wedding day surpassed our expectations, which were already very high because we had witnessed the quality of Brett’s work.

Brett makes you feel 100% at ease. He is great fun as well as being professional and super talented. It was an absolute pleasure to have Brett as our wedding photographer.”


Elaine & Darren | Hampton Court House, London

Elaine & Darren testimonial pic

“We spent a long time choosing the right person – in the end what won it for us ewas Brett’s informal, reportage style.  We didn’t want all of the shots to be contrived, and that’s exactly what I got.  I had also seen a wedding he had shot at Hampton Court House previously and it was clear he really knew what he was doing with lighting.  Darren and I met with Brett a few weeks before the wedding for some test shots.  We had planned to do these at Syon House but when we arrived it had closed unexpectedly for some form of maintenance.  Brett used his initiative and we used a wooded area to take the shots next to the car park of all the things!  There’s no way in the world you would ever have guessed this from the shots – they were beautiful.  On the day itself, Brett took amazing natural shots which show the magical warmth and relaxed atmosphere of the day.  He captured all of our personalities and feelings from beginning to end. “


Sarah & Chris | Ashton Court, Bristol

Sarh & Chris testimonial pic

“Brett I’m lost for words they are absolutely breath taking and so beautiful they are the kind of photos I’ve dreamt of having!! So excited about our wedding photos now!!” 


 Anna & Anthony | Goldbrick House, Bristol

Anna & Ant testimonial pic

“We didn’t hire Brett because he is a good photographer, it’s his job, his passion, so I figured that was a given – there are lots of good photographers out there.

Our wedding photos weren’t a box tick for us – a formality that is required, or even expected. They were a fundamental part of the day and it was imperative that we captured in print the mood and style of the proceedings, from the polish of the ceremony itself through to the boozy chaos of the evening.

What set Brett apart was apparent on our first meeting, he listened. He didn’t come with any preconceived ideas, he listened to what we wanted to achieve – and when we couldn’t find the specific words to convey what we were after, he was able to prise it out of us by asking the right kinds of questions. He understood. We wanted to come at things from a slightly different angle and he knew what we meant. From there he takes over. He comes up with ideas and asks us for ideas. It becomes a project. On the day itself he was ready. Finding just the right balance between visible and invisible, he’s there capturing things but never intrusive. We were able to just let the day take its course and roll with it.

Then there were the pictures, which we absolutely loved – fantastic quality and saying exactly what we wanted them to say, because he listened. So there are lots of good photographers out there, but in Brett you get much more than that. You get someone who will help you achieve what you want. Someone you can trust.”


Featured Weddings

Not only am I lucky enough to work with some fantastic couples who really love and value my photography, I have also been fortunate enough to have a number of my weddings featured in national wedding blogs and magazines.  It’s always a massive thrill seeing my pictures like this and my couples love it as well.

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