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Priston Mill Wedding

Priston Mill Wedding |  Lisa & Jay


 “Just wanted to say that we absolutely love our wedding pictures and can’t stop looking at them! “



Unbridled & unmatched joy. For me that’s a pretty good summary of Lisa and Jay on their wedding day at Priston Mill. It’s those real, unguarded moments that make weddings such amazing events.  Gone is the veneer that we put on for work, we’re amongst friends and family now, the people that we love and the people that love us, time just to be in love and be ourselves…and nothing could be better than that.

At the core of all great love is a foundation of immense friendship and this was very much the case with Lisa & Jay. It’s always heartwarming to watch a couple so at ease with each other. It’s also a massive testament to Lisa & Jay and all their friends and family that I was made to feel so welcome throughout the day.  It genuinely puts a bit of a spring in my stride to spend the day with such lovely, caring people.

In case you can’t tell yet, I think Lisa & Jay are a pretty awesome couple.

I always think that how you react to bad weather on the day of your wedding is a fantastic barometer (no pun intended!) of what sort of person / couple you are.  Getting married in England, even in the summer, there’s always going to be a chance of rain, it just goes with the territory of living in this fantastic country. So the fact that Lisa & Jay were having a BBQ and that it decided to hammer it down for much of the afternoon and they didn’t get upset or irritated by it just makes me love them even more.  When you’re holding the hand of the person you love and are going to spend the rest of your life with, even the rain can’t wash that fielding away.

Lisa & Jay, thanks for being so welcoming to me, thanks for surrounding yourself with amazing friends and family, thanks of putting your wellies on and trudging over that stream to the field for some late night photos once the rain had stopped.  Thanks for being you.  Here’s the story of your day


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