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Pre-Wedding Portraits | Genny & Jon

It’s no secret that I love doing pre-wedding portraits.

I love them in their own right not just as a great way to build up a rapport with my couples ahead of their wedding day.

But the one thing that I’m always conscious of is that wedding photography, whether it be pre-wedding portraits or photography actually on the wedding day, it’s heavily bias toward the pictures of  the bride.  Pictures of the groom too often seem to be a secondary consideration…..after all there’s a beautiful woman in a magnificent white dress over there so lets just take loads of pictures of her!

As such I think it’s quite easy for grooms to become disenfranchised by the whole wedding experience, particularly the photography side of things.

Surly having stunning pictures of the bride and the groom shouldn’t be mutually exclusive to each other.  And as far as I can see, brides not only want to be able to involve their husbands-to-be more but quite frankly they love seeing some fantastic pictures of their partner. This sentiment seem to ring true not just for the wedding but also pre-wedding portraits.

For the pre-wedding portraits of Genny & Jon it was really important to me that Jon felt included and that he was aware that getting some wonderful shots of him was as important to me as getting some lovely shots of Genny.  Both Jon and Genny were an absolute delight to photograph.  It had been raining pretty much non-stop for two weeks on the run up to their portraits session and I think we had all resided ourselves to the fact that we’d probably end up doing the session indoors.  While an indoor shoot would have been fine, I always love working outside amongst the trees and greenery.  I love the qualities that nature and the countryside can bring to portraits, it infuses the pictures with a soft naturalness that it just so gorgeous and romantic.

It was also fantastic to be able to include Jon & Genny’s two boys in the session, they were amazing and such characters to photograph

The weather for the whole session was perfect and literally right on cue the moment we stopped it started to rain. Phew!

I love these portraits and can’t wait for Genny & Jon’s wedding in July.



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pre-wedding-portraits 022

pre-wedding-portraits 043

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