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2012 | My Crazy Family

So as the end of the 2012 draws near it’s that traditional time of year for me to beat myself up for not taking enough pictures of my family.

Every year I try and correct the persistent guilt of being a photographer who almost never points his lens in the direction of his own children or family.  I haven’t totally failed this year but I’ve still fallen way short of the mark of what I had hoped.

Here’s a few I did manage to take.

family-pictures-2012 001family-pictures-2012 002family-pictures-2012 003family-pictures-2012 004

family-pictures-2012 005family-pictures-2012 006family-pictures-2012 007family-pictures-2012 008family-pictures-2012 009family-pictures-2012 010family-pictures-2012 012family-pictures-2012 013family-pictures-2012 014family-pictures-2012 015family-pictures-2012 016family-pictures-2012 017family-pictures-2012 018family-pictures-2012 019family-pictures-2012 020family-pictures-2012 021family-pictures-2012 022family-pictures-2012 023family-pictures-2012 024family-pictures-2012 026family-pictures-2012 027family-pictures-2012 029family-pictures-2012 030family-pictures-2012 031family-pictures-2012 032family-pictures-2012 034family-pictures-2012 035family-pictures-2012 037family-pictures-2012 039family-pictures-2012 040family-pictures-2012 041family-pictures-2012 042family-pictures-2012 043family-pictures-2012 044family-pictures-2012 045family-pictures-2012 046family-pictures-2012 047

If you’ve made it this far I know exactly what you’re thinking, “so where can I get my hands on some compact cassettes of both Milli Vanilli & Sanitta?”


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