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Miss Jones I can see your panties!

From a very young age, I’ve always loved knowing how things are made.  My favourite ‘Fix  Its’ on Jim’ll Fix It were always those that showed the behind the scenes manufacturing of common object.  Typical objects featured in these type of ‘Fix Its’ included marbles, pogo sticks or even Silly Putty.  To the best of my knowledge I don’t ever remember Jim presiding over a sneaky look at lingerie manufacturing!

I had the absolute delight to meet up with Jacqui Jones of Miss Jones lingerie in her Bristol Studio.  To call this lingerie manufacturing is so way off the mark – this is beautiful, bespoke, hand made lingerie of the finest quality.  It’s a lovely counterpoint to today’s mass movement to product virtualisation that there are still talented artisans crafting products that occupy space, that can be felt and touched.  Jacqui is a  trained theatrical costumier who has styled major period dramas and movies and there is very much a sense of theatre about her stunning lingerie.

The attention to detail and the quality of there materials being used have to be seen to be believed – in fact they don’t just have to be seen they have to be felt and touched, perhaps even caressed.

If you are a bride looking for some amazing bridal lingerie please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Miss Jones.

The preliminary drawing that Jacqui creates are a work of art in themselves.

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