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Maidens Barn Wedding | Mel & Rob

Maidens Barn Wedding


Mel and Rob’s wedding was my 2nd Essex wedding of 2012 but my first Maidens Barn Wedding.

Whenever I’ve been lucky enough to be in Essex I’ve always been struck but just what a beautiful county it is.  The area surrounding Maidens Barn is no exception.

Before setting off for the ceremony, Mel got prepared at her Nan’s house.  What a wonderfully personal way to start the day.  Mel clearly adores her Nan so it seemed fitting to get prepared for her marriage in her house.  As much as we typically associate weddings with the love of two people, I always feel that weddings are also very much about a broader love, the love of families and friends.  I think it was the love shown by Mel’s family and the closeness that they have that particularly touched me at this wedding.

In fact throughout the day it became very apparent just how important family is and what it means to Mel and Rob.

I loved photographing Mel and Rob, they are such a real, lovely and genuinely unpretentious couple. They made me feel enormously welcome and were very patient with me when I insisted on dragging them across a field at the back of Maidens Barn – but it was worth it.

Perhaps one of thing I didn’t know about Mel and Rob and indeed their friends before their wedding was………they love a dance.  I don’t think Maidens Barn quite knew what hit it once the first dance was over and the party started in earnest.  I think I was half way  along the M4 on my way home still with the sounds of ‘Mmma Do The Hump” ringing in my ears.  Parteeee Hard!

Many many congratulations Mr and Mrs Parrish, thanks again for asking me to be the photographer for your  magnificent Maidens Barn Wedding.

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If you are having a Maidens Barn Wedding or indeed if you’re getting married anywhere else and are still looking for a wedding photographer to capture your day in a creative yet relaxed fashion I would love to hear from you.  You can use my contact form or please feel fee to just call me for a chat about your wedding, 07760130044.

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