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Laura + Si | Woodland Pre-Wed

 Laura + Si | Bristol


Si and Laura took a wet and muddy walk throughout the woods of Bristol and I took some pictures.   Sometimes things don’t have to be any more complicated than that.

I know it can often be the case that wedding photographers emphasis the importance of these Pre-Wed shoots because it helps us build up a rapport that will translate to more relaxed photographs come your wedding day.  This is certainly my experience and it’s one of the main reasons why I highly recommend a Pre-Wed portraits session.   What I often forget to say is how wonderful and important the photographs from these sessions can be. We all lives our lives so ‘in the moment’ that I think it’s easy to ignore how wonderful and treasured these photographs will become in years to come.

Si often works abroad and therefore Laura and Si may not get to see each other for quite a few months at a time. In fact Si was off abroad a couple of days after this shoot and it was this that really brought it home to me  how meaningful a simple photograph of your loved one can be.

woodland-pre-wedding-photographs_002 woodland-pre-wedding-photographs_003 woodland-pre-wedding-photographs_004

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