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Skool Daze

 Kit’s First Day



Kit, my youngest, started school on Monday.  It was yet another not so subtle reminder that time seems to leap forward at an incredible pace.  What happened to my little baby boy? where did he disappear to and how come I’m now watching in disbelief as he’s putting on his school uniform for the first time?

There’s an incredible powerful line in the amazing film Boyhood, where Patricia Arquette is seeing her son off to college and she breaks down in tears saying “I just thought there’d be more than this”.  I appreciate that Kit is far from leaving home having just started primary school but I still get a sense of this.  I don’t want to wish his life away but I can’t help thinking that is just one step towards packing him off to University or college and that breaks my heart a little.

I had kids because I want to be around them as much as possible and I want them to be around me.  Don’t get me wrong I’m not some lentil eating super Dad, I can shout at my kids with the best of them, I quite frequently find my kids very annoying indeed. But I’m just painfully aware how brief our time as a parent is and I just want to drink it all up.

Kit you rock my world, you’re my little man and I love you to bits.  You make me a very proud Dad indeed.

Enjoy school, school is cool!


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