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Kingscote Barn Wedding

Louise & Edd | A Kingscote Barn Wedding

Kingscote Barn Wedding_001

Louise & Edd had their wedding at Kingscote Barn back in May (yup it’s taking me that long to get weddings blogged…note to self, must try harder and learn to type quicker). I was always going to enjoy this wedding, not only was I really looking forward to photographing Louise & Edd again after their pre-wed portraits session but I’d also never photographed a wedding at Kingscote Barn and I’m a sucker for new experiences.

Louise looked stunning in her dress (from The White Room in Minchinhampton).  I always think I can tell a lot about a dress by the way it photographs just on the hanger.  If it looks good on the hanger it’s going to look great on the bride!

Louise and Edd both have an effortless charm about them that set the tone so perfectly for their day. A day filled with tears (the good kind), ice creams, amazing speeches (even one from one of Louise’s bridesmaid.  I love it when it’s not just left up to the men to do all the speaking) a spot of rugby, limbo (what good wedding does’t have a bit of limbo!) and some serious shapes being thrown on the dance floor by the time I left (did I even spot someone doing the ‘worm’, or at least attempting it?).

So a somewhat belated congratulation to Lousies & Edd. Thanks a million to them for asking me to photograph their day and to all their friends and family for making me feel so welcome.  Here’s the story of their day.

Kingscote Barn Wedding_002Kingscote Barn Wedding_003Kingscote Barn Wedding_004Kingscote Barn Wedding_005Kingscote Barn Wedding_006Kingscote Barn Wedding_008Kingscote Barn Wedding_007Kingscote Barn Wedding_009Kingscote Barn Wedding_010Kingscote Barn Wedding_011Kingscote Barn Wedding_012

Kingscote Barn Wedding_013Kingscote Barn Wedding_014Kingscote Barn Wedding_015Kingscote Barn Wedding_021Kingscote Barn Wedding_016Kingscote Barn Wedding_017Kingscote Barn Wedding_018Kingscote Barn Wedding_019Kingscote Barn Wedding_020Kingscote Barn Wedding_022Kingscote Barn Wedding_023Kingscote Barn Wedding_024Kingscote Barn Wedding_025Kingscote Barn Wedding_026Kingscote Barn Wedding_027Kingscote Barn Wedding_028Kingscote Barn Wedding_029Kingscote Barn Wedding_030Kingscote Barn Wedding_032Kingscote Barn Wedding_033Kingscote Barn Wedding_034Kingscote Barn Wedding_035Kingscote Barn Wedding_036Kingscote Barn Wedding_038Kingscote Barn Wedding_039Kingscote Barn Wedding_040Kingscote Barn Wedding_041Kingscote Barn Wedding_042Kingscote Barn Wedding_043Kingscote Barn Wedding_045Kingscote Barn Wedding_046Kingscote Barn Wedding_047Kingscote Barn Wedding_048Kingscote Barn Wedding_049Kingscote Barn Wedding_050Kingscote Barn Wedding_052Kingscote Barn Wedding_053Kingscote Barn Wedding_051Kingscote Barn Wedding_054Kingscote Barn Wedding_055Kingscote Barn Wedding_056Kingscote Barn Wedding_057Kingscote Barn Wedding_058Kingscote Barn Wedding_059Kingscote Barn Wedding_061Kingscote Barn Wedding_064Kingscote Barn Wedding_063Kingscote Barn Wedding_065Kingscote Barn Wedding_062Kingscote Barn Wedding_067Kingscote Barn Wedding_069Kingscote Barn Wedding_066Kingscote Barn Wedding_070


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