Kings Weston House Wedding

Stephanie & Luke | Kings Weston House Wedding

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I try not to bring any expectations with me when I photograph a wedding.  I want to find inspiration from what is in front of me, not just come along with a pre-arranged bag of photographic tricks.  I’m interested in documenting what is genuine and real.  I need to be ‘in’ the moment if I’m going to take pictures of ‘moments’.  It all sounds very obvious…but its taken me years to reach this conclusion. Expectations are the killer of authenticity (yup that really does sounds pretty pretentious.  Sorry!).

It would have been very easy for me to bring a bag of expectations to Stephanie & Luke’s wedding at Kings Weston House in Bristol.  After all I had already been informed that the church’s policy was such that I wouldn’t be able to take any pictures during the ceremony (this always sucks and is a massive obstacle in truly telling the story of the day).   On top of this, the weather forecast for the day was pretty much consistent rain, then add to this I was shooting in a venue I had never shot at before.  But do you know what?  None of this mattered. You just stay in the moment and photograph what’s unfolding in front of you. That truly is the story of their day.  Come rain or shine….and sometimes fate might just throw you a fews bones.

As luck would have it, I did indeed get thrown a few bones. After a little chat with the vicar and one of the vergers, they were more than happy for me to stand at the front of the church and take pictures of the ceremony.  What an incredibly beautiful and impressive church St Mary Redcliffe is.  It would have been such a shame not to have been able to capture it in all its glory.  I guess the other bone I got thrown was with the weather, we got sun…but unfortunately at the same time as it was raining.  So without a doubt, the biggest gift I was given as a photographer on this day was Stephanie & Luke and their keenness to have some photos taken outside in the sun, even if it was still raining.  I can’t thank them enough for being such great sports and for trusting me that we’d get some beautifully natural shots.

Here’s the story of their day


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