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Hampton Court House Weddings

Rowena + Keith | Hampton Court House Weddings


Some weddings are beautiful intimate affairs with a sense of calmness that penetrates the whole day.  Others are more like a wonderfully crazy party, a roller-coaster ride of unbridled fun from start to finish.  I am delighted to say that Rowena & Keith’s wedding firmly fell into the later category.

I love it when the scene is set for an amazing day:

Rowena & Keith are not only great fun to be with but are a dream to photograph, some couples have that enviable gift of totally being able to be themselves in front of the camera.

The reception was being held at Hampton Court House, a venue I’ve photographed at a couple of times before and genuinely love it and each time found different places to explore.

The most helpful and obliging preist I’ve met for a long while.  Did I also mentioned he was very calm! Rowena kept us all on our toes by arriving fashionable late to the ceremony….it would be impolite of be to say how late but at one stage the priest did say that as long as it was still light the ceremony could go ahead.

Fab guests.  As a photographer I can’t tell you want a huge difference it makes when everyone is so friendly to you at the wedding. It makes me feel relaxed and totally in the mood for taking some great pictures.

Dancing, dancing , dancing.  I always think the dance floor is a fairly accurate barometer  of a wedding.  If the music is good and the dance floor is full I always think this is the sign of a great wedding.  In this instance Hampton Court House was completely Rockin’.

Many many congratulations to Rowena & Keith.  Here is the story of their day:

Hampton-Court-House-Weddings_002 Hampton-Court-House-Weddings_004 Hampton-Court-House-Weddings_003 Hampton-Court-House-Weddings_005 Hampton-Court-House-Weddings_012 Hampton-Court-House-Weddings_007 Hampton-Court-House-Weddings_008 Hampton-Court-House-Weddings_009

Hampton-Court-House-Weddings_010 Hampton-Court-House-Weddings_011 Hampton-Court-House-Weddings_013 Hampton-Court-House-Weddings_014 Hampton-Court-House-Weddings_015 Hampton-Court-House-Weddings_016 Hampton-Court-House-Weddings_017 Hampton-Court-House-Weddings_018 Hampton-Court-House-Weddings_019 Hampton-Court-House-Weddings_020 Hampton-Court-House-Weddings_021 Hampton-Court-House-Weddings_022 Hampton-Court-House-Weddings_023 Hampton-Court-House-Weddings_024 Hampton-Court-House-Weddings_025 Hampton-Court-House-Weddings_026 Hampton-Court-House-Weddings_027 Hampton-Court-House-Weddings_028 Hampton-Court-House-Weddings_029 Hampton-Court-House-Weddings_030 Hampton-Court-House-Weddings_031 Hampton-Court-House-Weddings_032 Hampton-Court-House-Weddings_033 Hampton-Court-House-Weddings_034 Hampton-Court-House-Weddings_035 Hampton-Court-House-Weddings_036 Hampton-Court-House-Weddings_037 Hampton-Court-House-Weddings_038 Hampton-Court-House-Weddings_039 Hampton-Court-House-Weddings_040 Hampton-Court-House-Weddings_041 Hampton-Court-House-Weddings_042 Hampton-Court-House-Weddings_043 Hampton-Court-House-Weddings_044 Hampton-Court-House-Weddings_045 Hampton-Court-House-Weddings_046 Hampton-Court-House-Weddings_047 Hampton-Court-House-Weddings_048 Hampton-Court-House-Weddings_056 Hampton-Court-House-Weddings_049 Hampton-Court-House-Weddings_050 Hampton-Court-House-Weddings_051 Hampton-Court-House-Weddings_052 Hampton-Court-House-Weddings_053 Hampton-Court-House-Weddings_054 Hampton-Court-House-Weddings_055 Hampton-Court-House-Weddings_061 Hampton-Court-House-Weddings_057 Hampton-Court-House-Weddings_058 Hampton-Court-House-Weddings_059 Hampton-Court-House-Weddings_060 Hampton-Court-House-Weddings_062 Hampton-Court-House-Weddings_063 Hampton-Court-House-Weddings_064 Hampton-Court-House-Weddings_065 Hampton-Court-House-Weddings_066 Hampton-Court-House-Weddings_069 Hampton-Court-House-Weddings_068 Hampton-Court-House-Weddings_073 Hampton-Court-House-Weddings_070 Hampton-Court-House-Weddings_071 Hampton-Court-House-Weddings_072 Hampton-Court-House-Weddings_074 Hampton-Court-House-Weddings_067

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