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Hampshire Wedding | Genny & Jon

Hampshire Wedding

Genny & Jon’s wedding was perfect.  It may have rained a bit and I know it’s an awful cliche to say that it didn’t damped anyone’s spirits BUT it really didn’t.  Genny, her friends and family all have this wonderful ‘whatever will be’ attitude, it made the day so relaxing from start to finish.  And I must thank everyone, especially Jean and Mike, Genny’s parents, for making me feel so at home.  The whole day was a complete joy to photograph.

It was also a wonderfully personal wedding; the marque was in their back garden, Genny had her bridal prep at her Mum & Dad’s house down the road, Jon steadied his nerves with a pre-ceremony pint in his local pub and the church was just around the corner so everyone walked to the reception.  To cap it all Genny and Jon’s two boys were there and were their ring bearers.  As a parent I’m always a bit jealous of people who have their children at their wedding, who wouldn’t want to share this amazing days with the most important people in their lives.  I also love the chaos that children bring, it brings everyone down to earth a bit and cuts through the formalities.  It reminds us of what it’s all really about, it’s about love, it’s not about table decorations, shoes or flowers – however that’s not to say that Genny didn’t look absolutely stunning and the whole wedding wasn’t beautifully stylish – she did and it was!

I also have to take my hat off to Genny, there genuinely aren’t many brides I have met who choose to walk along the road in the rain dragging their dress through the mud instead of taking up the offer to go back in the Rolls Royce that they had arrived in – check out the photographic evidence!  Or are happy to walk across a soaking field at the back of their house for a few photographs.  Genny and Jon, I love your spirit and wish you both the happiest of marriages together.

Thank you for choosing me as your photographer.

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