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Guyers House Wedding

Guyers House Wedding | Lizzie & Paul


I’ve been meaning to put together a full blog post of this amazing Guyers House Wedding for quite some time now.  Lizzie & Paul’s wedding really was an amazing day, not just for them but for everyone involved…….including me!

There’s always a slight additional nervousness when photographing weddings for other photographers of people who are particularly into their photography.  Paul is a fantastic photographer himself with a wonderful sense of composition so I knew the pressure was on.

This was my first Guyers House Wedding but I certainly hope it’s not my last. Guyers House is a fantastic wedding venue with stunning grounds.  There’s even a cornfield off their drive way – which unfortunately had had the corn cut down a couple of days before this wedding, grrrrrr, but it all worked out for the best on the day. The marquee that Guyers House had put up really looked terrific and with a view of the grounds it really was the prefect setting for their reception.

I’m not going to wax lyrical about all the amazing parts and details of Lizzie and Paul’s day as we were lucky enough to have their wedding featured on Rock My Wedding and Charlotte at RMW is a far more eloquent writer than I am.

I would however just quickly like to say to Lizzie & Paul –   Happy New Year to both of you, thanks again for choosing me as your photographer and having faith that I’d capture your day in the way that you wanted to remember it.  It was not only a pleasure taking pictures of you for your pre-wedding portraits and your wedding but also getting you know you both since your wedding.

Lastly as anyone who knows me will confirm, I find it hard taking compliments.  It’s not that I don’t strive to take pictures that people will fall in love with and of course I love hearing all about it when they do.  Perhaps it’s just that people saying nice things about me makes my checks go red and my eyes well up and that is surely no state for a grown man. So it is with some degree of embarrassment (and delight) that this is what Lizzie and Paul had to say about me and my photography:

“Getting the right photographer was one of the most important choices for us. We wanted our day to be captured in a way that made us relive the memories for evermore. It was also crucial for us that we ‘clicked’ with our photographer so that we enjoyed being around them on what was to be such a special day.

It’s a cliché but when we met Brett, he instantly ticked all the boxes. He has great energy, enthusiasm and warmth at the same time as taking the most incredibly, breathtaking photos. We were immediately excited when we saw his work, which was in a completely different league to everything else we had seen. One of our favorite aspects is his phenomenal use of light.

We booked Brett almost straight away and soon after went on a pre-wedding shoot. We had great fun and the photos were wonderful. We knew we had made the right choice. The photos from our wedding day surpassed our expectations, which were already very high because we had witnessed the quality of Brett’s work.

Brett makes you feel 100% at ease. He is great fun as well as being professional and super talented. It was an absolute pleasure to have Brett as our wedding photographer.”

WOW…………I can almost feel my checks reddening as I read this.  There’s no doubt that these kind words mean an enormous amount to me.  Thank you so much Lizzie & Paul.

As a little post-script, Paul and I shot a wedding together recently.  While Paul is a great photographer he’s fairly new to wedding photography………needless to say he rocked it.  I can’t wait to blog the wedding we shot very soon and I’m sure Paul will be very much in demand as a wedding photographer.  It has been truly great getting to know Paul not just as a groom and a client but as a friend and fellow photographer.

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If you are having a Guyers House Wedding or indeed if you’re getting married anywhere else and are still looking for a wedding photographer to capture your day in a creative yet relaxed fashion I would love to hear from you.  You can use my contact form or please feel fee to just call me for a chat about your wedding, 07760130044.

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