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Fine art wedding album

I often get asked (even by other photographers) why my fine art wedding album is so special and why my couples love them so much.


For anyone that has had even a cursory look at what is available in the way of wedding albums will know there is quite a mixed bag out there catering to a variety of tastes (and I’m being kind here) and budgets.  I believe that I have manage to source the most elegant, luxurious and timeless albums available.  This isn’t just sales rhetoric either, I use these albums myself for portraits of my family.  I can’t get enough of these album and am genuinely excited to be able to offer them to my clients.  Interestingly, every couple that has had the opportunity to see one of my albums ‘in the flesh’ has opted for an album based wedding package.



They are exceptionally beautiful, a completely feast for the senses – they look, feel and smell simply sumptuous!  But the appeal of these fine art wedding albums is far from skin deep, sure the leather used for their binding is of the highest quality but it’s in the print quality that these albums really start to stand head and shoulders above other albums.  Unlike albums where the pictures are printed on glossy photographic paper (which is prone to finger print smudges), the pictures in my fine art wedding album are printed onto fine art paper – hence the name.  The quality of the printing is unmatched, the matt finish to the images stunningly renders the textures of black and white pictures and for colour pictures, the colours are rich and vibrant without being over saturated or unrealistic.

fine-art-wedding-album 001fine-art-wedding-album 002fine-art-wedding-album 003fine-art-wedding-album 004fine-art-wedding-album 005

The last reason, but in some way the most important one, why my fine art wedding album is so loved by my clients is the design of the page layouts.  I love designing my wedding albums.  I design every album and every album has a unique layout.  In the same way that no two weddings are alike, there are not two of my albums that are the same either.  The layout of each page is carefully considered; does it help tell the story of the wedding, is it’s design balanced and in keeping with the pace and style of the other pages.  The design process takes me a long time and so it should, after all it’s the final product.  It’s how my photos will be seen, loved and perhaps even judged.

 Despite all the technical sophistication we have at our fingertips, the enduring power of a piece of paper with static images printed on it never ceases to amaze me.

Pictures of my albums are a very poor substitution for holding one in your hands, so I do highly recommend that if you are considering me as your wedding photographer do try and get to see some of my albums.  In the meantime, and just to wet your appetite, here are a few pictures.  In fact here are more than a few selected pictures, here is a complete album from start to finish – the story of one wedding.

fine-art-wedding-album 001fine-art-wedding-album 002fine-art-wedding-album 003fine-art-wedding-album 004fine-art-wedding-album 005fine-art-wedding-album 006fine-art-wedding-album 007fine-art-wedding-album 008fine-art-wedding-album 009fine-art-wedding-album 010fine-art-wedding-album 011fine-art-wedding-album 012fine-art-wedding-album 013fine-art-wedding-album 014fine-art-wedding-album 015fine-art-wedding-album 016fine-art-wedding-album 017fine-art-wedding-album 018fine-art-wedding-album 019fine-art-wedding-album 020fine-art-wedding-album 021fine-art-wedding-album 022fine-art-wedding-album 023fine-art-wedding-album 024fine-art-wedding-album 025fine-art-wedding-album 026fine-art-wedding-album 027fine-art-wedding-album 028fine-art-wedding-album 029

If you’d like to find out more about my fine art wedding albums  and arrange a meeting so you can see them for yourself then please contact me or give me call 07760 130 044.

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