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Family Portraits | Bristol

As a parent I am all too aware of how the sands of time seem to pass through my fingers at an ever increasing rate.  As parents we live in the moment, often with little time to be nostalgic and reminisce about the the previous years.  Yet we long to hold on to the memories from when our children were younger. They are precious years but they are all too easily forgotten.

Even as a photographer I’m always beating myself up for not taking enough pictures of my children.  Even when I have managed to take some, all too often they just reside on my computer waiting for for that day or week when “I’ve got some time” to actually get round to editing, printing or framing them.  Years seem to pass still wait for that moment when “I’ve got some time”……life, parenting, work and box-sets of The Sopranos just seem to stand in my way.

It is therefore an enormous honour and responsibility for me to take family portraits.  I understand just how important these pictures are and will become over time.  These are potentially images on which memories can be hung and emotions stirred for years to come.

I know that can all sound a bit ‘heavy’ and I certainly don’t want any portrait session to be laden with these expectations. But at the same time I want to take pictures that will endure and stand the test of time.  Particularly when your children are involved I’ve never been one for glove puppets and bubble machines in order to provoke a reaction. I want to take pictures of children as the people that they are with the vast range and complexity of emotions that they are capable of showing, I certainly don’t feel that ever picture needs to be punctuate with a smile or a laugh.

Below are just a few images from a wonderful family portraits session I did in Bristol a few weeks ago.  We were so lucky with the weather and the girls were so brilliant behaved and so patience with each other and me. As with all family sessions, I always feel there’s a skill in when to stop.  I feel it’s really important that I stop while we’re all still having a great time.

I love these pictures and am so delighted to be able to help preserve these precious times for another family yet as the same time I’m slightly sad because I know I don’t have pictures like this of my own family and I already feel the memories of when my children were younger slipping away from me.

 – note to self:  MORE taking pictures of your family and LESS Sopranos box-sets

If you are interested in having some family portraits I would love to hear from you.  Please feel free to give me call, 07760 130 044 to talk about booking a session or use my contact form

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