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Engagement Portraits | Hampshire

Danielle & James


This pre-wedding session was the perfect collision of my two favourite things: meeting new people & exploring new places.

In this case the people were Danielle & James and the place was Alresford in Hampshire.

Danielle & James couldn’t have been more relaxed and easy to be with from the start.  I kept thinking ‘shouldn’t this be a bit more difficult than this’ but alas no, the whole session was beautifully relaxed. So relaxed in fact that we didn’t even take that long with the pictures.  We just didn’t need to.

However what we did need to spend time doing was to discuss, at length, the amazing god-like genius of The Stone Roses.  James and I had both been at their reunion concert at Finsbury Park a few weeks before and obviously delighted talking the event through with another fan.  I thought I was a massive Stone Roses fan but frankly James put me to shame!  If it hadn’t had been for my need to get home I could have very happily spent the rest of the evening analysing the career of Messrs Brown et al.  I think poor Danielle feared that might be the case!  But not to be outdone, Danielle managed to slip in that not only had she recently been to see RiRi but she’s also gone backstage – how cool is that?

Needless to say we had a great time and Alresford is a magic little town.  A couple of very important factoids about Alresford: it’s the UK’s largest grower of watercress, it serves the largest portions of chips I’ve ever seen (and I’m a regular viewer of Man Vs Food so that’s no mean feat).

Oh and did I mention Danielle & James are getting married at St Paul’s’ Cathedral in London Town.

Hampshire-engagment-photographs_002 Hampshire-engagment-photographs_005 Hampshire-engagment-photographs_003 Hampshire-engagment-photographs_007

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