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Engagement Portraits | Bristol

M0 & Andy


As photographers, I think we often forget how darn hard it can be in front of the camera; the actual process of being photographed is not be be underestimated.  I’m safely tucked away behind my camera dealing with things like composition and exposure yet these are comparatively easy things to master compared with being yourself in front of the camera.

One of the main reasons behind offering my couples a pre-wedding portraits session is to get this initial awkwardness of being in front of the camera out the way before their wedding day.  Even though I have met most of my couples beforehand, I am still essentially a stranger trying to take some quite personal pictures so there is no getting away from the oddness of the situation we find ourselves in.

I like to think I’m pretty good at making people feel at ease and creating an environment in which they are relaxed and comfortable being themselves.  Nevertheless, my couples aren’t professional models and so it can take a little while but we always get there in the end.

Which brings me on to Mo & Andy’s pre-wedding portraits session (I really must find a better name for these sessions).  I’d met Mo very briefly last year and had never met Andy before. I often like to give people a little while to get used to being with me before I start to take any pictures and then we can ease ourselves gently into taking the pictures.  I just remember asking Mo & Andy to sit down on a log while I fiddled with some lenses or something.  Literally within seconds of them sitting down all these amazing pictures, these genuine, beautiful, relaxed moments were happening right in front of me before I’d even got a lens on my camera.

Unfortunately I can take absolutely no credit for how relaxed Mo & Andy were during the whole session.  Some people and some relationships just have that wonderfully relaxed demeanour, that air of ‘this is how it’s meant to be’.

I’ve always said that if couples can be themselves  in front of my camera then the pictures just happen.  In these instances my job is pretty much relegated to pressing the shutter button on my camera. And this was exactly the case with this session.  I really don’t say this with any mock self-depreciation, my job was just to keep on pressing that button on the camera, as simple as that.

Mo & Andy are getting married month and needless to say I can’t wait.

Bristol-Engagement-Portraits_002 Bristol-Engagement-Portraits_010 Bristol-Engagement-Portraits_004 Bristol-Engagement-Portraits_005

Bristol-Engagement-Portraits_003 Bristol-Engagement-Portraits_006 Bristol-Engagement-Portraits_007 Bristol-Engagement-Portraits_014 Bristol-Engagement-Portraits_008 Bristol-Engagement-Portraits_013 Bristol-Engagement-Portraits_009 Bristol-Engagement-Portraits_015 Bristol-Engagement-Portraits_012 Bristol-Engagement-Portraits_011 Bristol-Engagement-Portraits_016

If you getting married soon and love the thought of having some relaxed, natural portraits of you both before your wedding then please contact me.



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