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A Destination Bridal Fashion Shoot

And what a destination it was!

I’ve always loved travel and have been lucky enough, through both work and play, to have travelled much of the world. The joys of traveling to new destination are manyfold, the culture, the cuisine, the landscape, the language and the people.  But for a photographer it’s the LIGHT.  The quantity, the softness, the colour and the intensity of the light always seem to vary with each new location. And this location was no different.  The light was heaven sent and I just couldn’t get enough of it.

I love to shoot bridal fashion wherever it may be but throw in a bit of travel and it all seems to add to the sense of occasion.  So where did I go?  Was it the dusty American Midwest? The sweeping plains of Peru? Perhaps the expansive veld of South Africa?


I was in Solihull, yes you heard is right, that beautiful, lush and picturesque suburb of Birmingham where the light is always honey-dewed ; )

Perhaps it just goes to show, that light is what you make it, too often we go searching for things that can easily be founds in our own backyard.

I hope you enjoy the Journey!

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