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Thank you

Many thanks indeed, I really appreciate your comment.  Being a photographer can often be a bit of a solitary profession, it’s always a delight to know there are real people out there showing interest and taking the time to read and look at what I’m posting on my blog.  It genuinely makes it all worthwhile.

If you are interested in keeping in touch or keeping up to date with my photography then I’d love to have you onboard.  





If you are interested in keeping in touch via more traditional means then that would be great also: my email address is brettsymes@me.com or for the really old skool there is alway the good old fashioned telephone, my mobile is 07760 130 044.

Many thanks, I look forward to DM-ing, tweeting, texting, emailing, liking, friending or who knows even talking to you soon!

Cheers Brett