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Claridges Wedding

Rose & Ellis | Claridges, London


Weddings are all about people.  That’s what makes them unique and for me that’s what makes them so interesting and rewarding.

Weddings are not about venues. Having said that, I would be totally lying if I didn’t admit that the prospect of photographing a wedding at Claridges in London was somewhat exciting. And a little bit scary too. Oh boy, what a venue Claridges is! There are justifiable reasons why certain hotels have the ‘World Class’ label bestowed upon them.  A Claridges wedding is everything you imagine it to be and more.  Yet not once did the venue overshadow the fact that first and foremost this was Rose & Ellis’ wedding……and what a wedding it was.

Rose was the epitome of calm and a testament to multitasking as she managed to casually type away on her laptop organising things for her flat while she was having her hair done.  In fact I don’t think stress reared it’s head during the whole day for either Rose or Ellis. Everything was very much taken in their stride and I owe them, their friends and families an enormous gratitude for letting me take the pictures the way I wanted to. I wasn’t given any direction or shot list and was pretty much left up to my own devices for the duration of the day. I can’t tell you what a joy this was.

Lastly I just wanted to say, Rose you look amazing, you have the enviable quality of being so beautiful without even realising it. Ellis, thank you for your good humour and making me feel so at home during the day’s proceedings. Many many congratulation to both of you.

Here’s the story of your day:

Claridges-wedding_002 Claridges-wedding_003 Claridges-wedding_004 Claridges-wedding_005 Claridges-wedding_006

Claridges-wedding_007 Claridges-wedding_008 Claridges-wedding_009 Claridges-wedding_010 Claridges-wedding_012 Claridges-wedding_013 Claridges-wedding_014 Claridges-wedding_015 Claridges-wedding_016 Claridges-wedding_017 Claridges-wedding_018 Claridges-wedding_019 Claridges-wedding_020 Claridges-wedding_022 Claridges-wedding_023 Claridges-wedding_021 Claridges-wedding_024 Claridges-wedding_025 Claridges-wedding_026 Claridges-wedding_027 Claridges-wedding_028 Claridges-wedding_029 Claridges-wedding_030 Claridges-wedding_031 Claridges-wedding_032 Claridges-wedding_033 Claridges-wedding_035 Claridges-wedding_036 Claridges-wedding_034 Claridges-wedding_041 Claridges-wedding_037 Claridges-wedding_038 Claridges-wedding_039 Claridges-wedding_040 Claridges-wedding_042 Claridges-wedding_043 Claridges-wedding_048 Claridges-wedding_044 Claridges-wedding_045 Claridges-wedding_046 Claridges-wedding_049 Claridges-wedding_047 Claridges-wedding_050 Claridges-wedding_051 Claridges-wedding_052 Claridges-wedding_054 Claridges-wedding_055 Claridges-wedding_053 Claridges-wedding_056

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