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Bristol | Pre-Wed Session

Michelle + Paul


This was the last pre-wedding portrait session I did in 2013.  Michelle & Paul were getting married on New Year’s Eve and as usual I tried to arrange a time for this pre-wedding session to happen about a month or two before the big day.

As a photographer, there’s always a slight nervous anticipation before you take some pictures of a couple.  Some couples are very at ease with each other while others can find it quite challenging to be themselves and feel relaxed in front of the camera.  For the record, my wife and I pretty much fall into the later category so I totally know where you’re coming from if the thought of having your photo taken ranks similarly to going to the dentist. Michelle and Paul fit pretty comfortably into the first category, at ease with themselves,  with each other and happy for me to be often only inches await from them.

Here’s a few pictures we took on a pretty cold and wet day in Bristol.

(I can’t wait to blog their wedding, it was fantastic and one of the best New Year’s Eve’s I’ve had in years.  You’d never guess but Paul is quite the crooner!)

Bristol-Pre-Wedding-Photographs_005 Bristol-Pre-Wedding-Photographs_002 Bristol-Pre-Wedding-Photographs_006 Bristol-Pre-Wedding-Photographs_010

Bristol-Pre-Wedding-Photographs_012 Bristol-Pre-Wedding-Photographs_015 Bristol-Pre-Wedding-Photographs_011 Bristol-Pre-Wedding-Photographs_014 Bristol-Pre-Wedding-Photographs_013 Bristol-Pre-Wedding-Photographs_007 Bristol-Pre-Wedding-Photographs_009 Bristol-Pre-Wedding-Photographs_008

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