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If you're interested in having a look at my most recent work then this is the place to find it. There's lots to look at, mostly weddings but also some pre-wed portrait shoots and a few random personal blog posts as well.

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Bridal Lingerie | Valentine’s Day

 Love, Lust & Lingerie


Bridal lingerie, like all lingerie, should be undeniably and unapologetically sexy.

Bespoke lingerie should be indulgent, sensual and  sometimes downright naughty.  It should be as much a delight for the wearer as the recipient (or should that be wearee!).

It should thrill and excite and what better time to do this that on your wedding night – well not for me, my wedding night was spent in a tent in the middle of the field, any earth moving was more to do with the local mole population that any nocturnal rumblings but that’s another story – getting married to the person you love is an amzing and thrilling experince, you want to look and feel your best and that includes your lingerie.

I don’t offer boudoir photography so can’t say I have much or any experience of taking beautiful, sensual lingerie pictures. I knew the type of pictures I wanted to create and that was it really. Be guided by my heart and intuition and see what we come up with.

I use the term ‘we’ in the most inclusive way possible as seldom are shoots like this the result of a single person’s efforts.  This was very much a team effort and a team that I was genuinely delighted to be part of.  What a talented bunch individuals and I can’t wait to work with them again:

Miss Jones – Classically beautiful & sensual bridal lingerie

Lisa Keating Bridal – Luxurious handmade corsets and bridalwear

Vicki Waghorn – Make-up Artist Extraordinaire

Katy McGee – Uber-Model

Charlotte Roest Ellis – A-Ma-Zing -Model


bridal-lingerie-photography_001 bridal-lingerie-photography_004 bridal-lingerie-photography_009 bridal-lingerie-photography_011 bridal-lingerie-photography_010 bridal-lingerie-photography_017 bridal-lingerie-photography_013 bridal-lingerie-photography_019 bridal-lingerie-photography_012 bridal-lingerie-photography_015 bridal-lingerie-photography_016 bridal-lingerie-photography_018 bridal-lingerie-photography_020 bridal-lingerie-photography_021 bridal-lingerie-photography_022 bridal-lingerie-photography_023 bridal-lingerie-photography_024

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