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If you're interested in having a look at my most recent work then this is the place to find it. There's lots to look at, mostly weddings but also some pre-wed portrait shoots and a few random personal blog posts as well.

Please feel free to have a good rummage around and if you like what you see and would be interested in talking to me about photographing your wedding then I'd love to hear from you. You can reach me via my contact page.

Bridal Fashion | Bristol

Corsets & Bridalwear


A creative day with friends….to nurture the soul and feed the mind.  It’s always important to push yourself creatively and try new things and it would be fair to say that someone’s wedding probably isn’t the best time to start experimenting.

So it was fantastic to spend a day at Berwick Lodge (what a beautiful venue – I can’t wait to shoot a wedding here) with Damien, Lisa, Vicki, Holy & Charlotte.

I also wanted to use this little post to take the time to thank Damien Lovegrove for the enormous help he has given me over these last couple of years.  While I’ve never tried to actively hide the support and guidance that Damien has give me and my business I certainly haven’t been screaming about it on my blog.  I’m not quite sure why really, I think perhaps I was worried that potential couples and clients might think I was ‘work in progress’ and not the finished article. To be honest I think I will always be ‘work in progress’ and perhaps that’s what I love about photography – It’s a journey not a destination.  I also think it has taken me a while to find my photographic voice, to develop a style that started to be my own and while I’ve been doing this I don’t think I had the self-confidence to talk about training or mentoring I was receiving behind the scenes.

For those that haven’t met Damien, he is perhaps the most enthusiastic, creative and knowledgeable person I’ve been lucky enough to meet in the photographic industry.  His knowledge and use of light, both natural and artificial, is astounding.  I guess I’m now lucky enough to call Damien a friend and I really value time spent with him, I never cease to pick up some useful tit-bit (no pun intended!) of information whenever I’m with him, a veritable mine of photographic knowledge and an all round good egg.

Whether you be a professional photographer looking to expand your creative repertoire or an amateur photographer looking to take your hobby to the next level I couldn’t recommend one of Damien’s courses highly enough.  Check them out here.


bristol-fashion-photographer_003 bristol-fashion-photographer_006 bristol-fashion-photographer_002 bristol-fashion-photographer_005 bristol-fashion-photographer_004

Lisa Keating Bridal – Luxurious handmade corsets and bridalwear

Vicki Waghorn – Make-up Artist

Holy Smith – model

Charlotte Roest Ellis – model

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