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Baby Portraits Bristol

Baby Portraits Bristol

The first few weeks of a baby’s life are precious times indeed, particularly for new parents.  There are few events in your life that have the capability of changing your lives so profoundly, so amazingly as having a child.  Yet sometimes it’s hard to fully appreciate it all because you’re just so completely and utterly tired.  No, you’re actually beyond tired, tired doesn’t even touch the sides of describing it.

Whilst you know these first few weeks of your child’s life are amazing and you so desperately want to record them it’s often hard enough just getting everyone washed and fed in the morning, to even think about taking some beautiful, meaningful photographs by which you can remember these early days seems a pretty Herculean task.

I love babies and I love being asked to photograph them but I’ll be very honest and say that I’d lost my nerve with photographing very young babies, it felt like I had the photographic equivalent of the golfing yips.  I’m not quite sure how it came about, I guess I was doing fewer child portraits because of the amount of weddings I was doing, also my own children had started to grow up and therefore I was a little less confident around very young babies than I had been when mine where that age.  I was also becoming fairly disillusioned with the type of  ‘baby photography’ that seemed to be saturating the high street. These beatific but highly sanitised pictures of babies wearing fairy wings or lying in a oversized velvet lined pea pod.  To me these images just seem so impersonal, they weren’t something I was interested in reproducing.

So this session is me getting over the ‘yips’, naturally beautiful and real images of an amazing little girl with her parents.  It is genuinely such an honour to be ask to document these early days of a baby’s life.  As parents we live so much ‘in the moment’ with each stage of our child’s life seamlessly slipping from one stage to the next.  Before you know it, that tiny, helpless and beautiful little bundle that you could almost hold in the palms of your hands is now walking, talking, going to school, riding a bike…………leaving home! I would be delighted if these pictures help preserve some of the feelings and memories of those first few weeks of a child’s life and indeed the amazing first few weeks as a parent too.

Babies are such a nice way to start people : )


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If you have recently had a baby or are expecting one soon and would like some natural, relaxed and beautiful pictures of those early weeks as a family I’d love to help you preserve and document this special time.  Please use my contact form or feel free to just give me call to arrange a booking, 07760 130 044.


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