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Amy Willerton | Signed by Katie Price

Amy Willerton is signed by Katie Price?  Well maybe not quite yet but if Amy Willerton’s current progress on Sky Living’s Signed By Katie Price is anything to go by it’s a distinct possibility.

I had the pleasure of meeting Amy long before Katie Price and reality TV got their claws stuck into her, she had just become Miss Bristol 2010 and through a mutual friend had mentioned that she was keen for some photographs of her that didn’t revolve around her Miss Bristol sash and tiara.  As a Bristol Photographer I was delighted to take some pictures of her that might show a side of her beyond the beauty pageant facade.

It would make great copy for me to be able to dish some dirt on Amy now that she’s more firmly rooted in the public-eye through her appearance on Signed by Katie Price but it just wouldn’t be true.  The Amy that I met was an adorable girl.  She was and I’m sure still is beautiful, polite and caring.

I took the photographs in the upstair room of a pub in Bristol.  It wasn’t glamourous, far from it, the smell of stale beer and disinfectant permeated the room but it didn’t damped our spirits.  Amy was very natural in front of the camera and it was fairly apparent from the start of our session that she would soon outgrow the world of beauty pageants.

Amy Willerton I wish you every success both on this show and in any of her future endeavours. The best of Bristol luck to you.

Amy Willerton 001Amy Willerton 002Amy Willerton 003Amy Willerton 004Amy Willerton 005Amy Willerton 008Amy Willerton 006Amy Willerton 009


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