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Further Adventures Of Documenting My Family

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This is the next instalment of my continual struggle to try and take more pictures of my family.

Still struggling.

I’m genuinely not quite sure of why I seem to have this inability to take more pictures of my kids and my family.  I’ve even bought a new camera (a Fuji X100s for any camera geeks out there) with the idea that is would be smaller and easier to carry round.  It is indeed smaller but I still don’t really carry it around much.

I think perhaps the only slightly meaningful rationale to explain why I might not be taking as many pictures of my family as I’d like is that I’m used to photographically documenting moments, events, relationships etc.  Intrinsic to the documentary process is that I’m relatively objective to what I’m capturing.  I obviously can’t be objective when photographing my family and here in lies where I’m struggling.  I want natural, relaxed, observed pictures of my kids…. but with Dad being behind the camera this is mighty hard to achieve.

But I do try.

Here are some of my attempts from a recent holiday in Cornwall (I love Cornwall – genuinely nowhere I’d rather be when the sun is shining).

family-holiday-2013_002 family-holiday-2013_003 family-holiday-2013_004 family-holiday-2013_005 family-holiday-2013_006

family-holiday-2013_007 family-holiday-2013_008 family-holiday-2013_009 family-holiday-2013_010 family-holiday-2013_011 family-holiday-2013_012 family-holiday-2013_013 family-holiday-2013_014 family-holiday-2013_015 family-holiday-2013_016 family-holiday-2013_017 family-holiday-2013_018 family-holiday-2013_019 family-holiday-2013_020 – Thanks for taking the time to have a look –

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