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Abbey Hotel Wedding

Caryn & Ian


Love as they say is a curious thing.  We never quite know why it comes to visit and where it may have come from.  Perhaps most perplexing of all is not knowing when it will come knocking on our spiritual door.  Sometimes it happens early in ones life and sometimes it happens after a few more steps have been taken, more laughter been had and perhaps more tears have been shed. I have enormous affection for Caryn and Ian and was genuinely moved at their sheer joying of finding each other.  It was a privileged to photograph their wedding for them.  I’d already spent an afternoon with them a few months earlier on their pre-wed portraits shoot so I knew how easy going they both were and what thoroughly good people they were and indeed still are!  I don’t just mean the sort of ‘good’ that you want to sit down with and have a pint (although that’s great too) but I mean they’ve both got a good heart, a good soul and that means a lot.

I remember reading one of Caryn’s Facebook statuses before her wedding saying that she had finally met someone where their love for each other was unconditional, I remember thinking what a beautiful place that is to be, that sense of arriving at that destination where your heart truly feels at home. Life doesn’t get richer than that.

Caryn & Ian were married at St. Leonard’s Church in Beoley (near Redditch), a really beautiful little church with an absolutely delightful vicar who could not have been more accommodating and helpful to both me and the videographers (this really should be a given but it’s amazing how many obstructive and unhelpful vicars and registers I’ve come across this year – shame as all it does is spoil it for the couples getting married).  The highlight of the service must have been their singer.  She really was amazing and what’s more everyone started spontaneously dancing and clapping, I’d never seen that before – what an incredible atmosphere, it put everyone on such a high.

The reception was at The Abbey Hotel near Redditch. I’ve never photographed a wedding here before so it’s always exciting to discover new venues and work out where the best spots are and where the best light it coming from.  The Hotel is part of a golfing complex so we were never going to be short of some nice backdrops form some of our pictures and it was lovely spending half and hour with Caryn and Ian wandering around taking some relaxed portraits.

The room for their reception looked amazing with beautiful table details and one of the tallest cakes I’ve seen (from Elite Cake Designs Limited).  It was a beautiful touch that the cake was cut using a ceremonial sword that belonged to Caryn’s farther.  There was also an amazing buffet, it looked so good I think so people may have been a bit afraid to dig in but I think the army contingent soon made light work of it!

All in all it was a terrific day that celebrated the love of two wonderful people. I will never forget the fireworks (MLE Pyrotechnics) towards to the ends of the day set to music.  Is it me or it there something about the majesty of fireworks and music combined that really pulls at the emotional heart-strings?  They were superb and not a dry eye in the house.

Lastly, before I get on with the pictures (after all that’s what I was there for), just a couple of ‘thank yous’ to Jo Churchill from Harmony Weddings for keeping the day on track  and Lili Floral Art for their wonderful flowers.

Thats just leave mean to say a massive congratulation to Caryn & Ian.  Thank you booth so much for choosing me as your photographer.  I hope you both have an amazing first Christmas as husband and wife.

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