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A Day In The Life | Joe’s first day at school


I know it’s sort of traditional at this time of year amongst wedding photographers to have a blog post of all their favourite wedding images from the year. Well, I’ve never really been one for tradition so instead I thought I’d do a little blog post that is very dear to my heart both in terms of its subject matter and its photographic intent.

My son Joe started school this year and in fact today is his last day of term.  Joe makes me cry with laugher and frustration in equal measures and I love him to bits and I’m very proud of him.  As part of my ongoing attempt to address my guilt of not taking enough pictures of my family I made a very conscious decision to document Joe’s first day at school.  Or to be most specific, him getting ready for his first day at school.

My intent was not to try and make beautiful pictures but to truthfully and honestly document this time.  In doing so, I also hoped that the pictures would have a beauty and perhaps a quality that would resonant with me for longer that some of the more posed pictures I have taken of my children.

What I wasn’t aware of was the chord that this documentary / day-in-the-life approach would strike with other parents that have seen these pictures. I love taking family portraits for other families and to date I’ve only really done this or offered this on a word of mouth basis.  I’m keen to be able to expand and extend what I have traditionally offered; which was natural, relaxed lifestyle portraiture.  I think this ‘Day-In-The-Life’ approach is a fantastic way to capture real, genuine times in your family’s life.  Unguarded, unposed, just honest intimate family moments.  The intent isn’t always for these images to become framed prints to put on your wall, I feel they’re almost too intimate.  Instead they are part of a story being told, the story of that particular day in your’s and your child’s life and as such I think they lend themselves towards being presented in an album.

Imagine having albums that document one day every year in your child’s life.  What an amazing record you’d have, what fantastic documents to be able to look back through not only for you but also for your child and perhaps even one day your grandchildren.  That’s my plan anyway

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If you like the sound of this approach to documenting a special family day or perhaps, just as interestingly, a normal average day in the life of your family, I’d love to hear from you. You can use my contact form or feel free to just give me a call 07760 130 044

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