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Tregulland Cornwall Wedding

 Tregulland + Cornwall + Wedding = Kate + Kaz

tregulland-cornwall-wedding_001 Weddings by their very nature are extremely personal.  In fact with all the different decisions to be made (dress, suite, shoes, rings, venue, food, music even…..photographer) each wedding is pretty unique. And it’s this uniqueness that makes weddings so utterly amazing and beautiful. I LOVE this wedding.  In fact if I were to get married again (don’t worry Mel I’m not planning to) I would like my wedding to be pretty much like this one. It’s also interesting that out of all the wedding I photographed in 2013 I probably knew Kate and Kaz the least.  You see Kate & Kaz live in Australia, so there was no opportunity for a pre-wed session.  In total I think we only had one Skype call and a handful of emails before the wedding. But with some couples you just click, there’s no need to spend a lot of time talking about it, you just naturally get on well. Easy. It’s also interesting that out of all the weddings I’ve photographed I probably know Tregulland in Cornwall the best…….despite this being the first wedding to be held there. The reason I know Tregulland Cottage & Barn so well is that I had photographed the interiors not only for their website but also for Good Homes Magazine.  I’m also lucky enough to have stayed here with my family and friends as one of my best friends happens to own Tregulland.  Not bad eh! Tregulland is such a beautiful, eclectic, stylish place that you know anyone choosing this as the venue for their wedding is going to be equally stylish and cool.  And I wasn’t wrong. Kat, Kaz, their families and their friends were all such a great bunch, I really felt like I was amongst friends.  The whole day was a testament to understated cool, not the sort of forced ‘aren’t we trendy’ but just relaxed, natural and beautiful.  Bliss.  Even the food was stunning, unpretentious gastronomy provided by Cornish Delicacies. Before I let you get on and look at the photographs I must just mention a couple of other things.  The Humanist service conducted by Kevin Murphy was simply beautiful.  It was very genuine, real and moving.  There was an enormous honesty to the service that I found very compelling. During the ceremony Kaz’s mum Miyoko played the harmonica. When I say ‘played’ the harmonica I mean she really PLAYED that thing.  Miyoko is recognised as one of the best harmonica players in the world and it was an absolute privilege to hear her.  I’ve never heard the harmonica being played like that, my lacklustre Bob Dylan impersonations will never seem the same again. Lastly a massive thank you to Kate and Kaz for choosing me as their photographer and in doing so allowing me to be part of their amazing day.  I loved every minute.  Many many congratulation to you both. Here is their story: tregulland-cornwall-wedding_002tregulland-cornwall-wedding_014tregulland-cornwall-wedding_006tregulland-cornwall-wedding_003tregulland-cornwall-wedding_004tregulland-cornwall-wedding_005tregulland-cornwall-wedding_019tregulland-cornwall-wedding_007 tregulland-cornwall-wedding_008tregulland-cornwall-wedding_010tregulland-cornwall-wedding_012tregulland-cornwall-wedding_013tregulland-cornwall-wedding_015tregulland-cornwall-wedding_017tregulland-cornwall-wedding_020tregulland-cornwall-wedding_021tregulland-cornwall-wedding_022tregulland-cornwall-wedding_023tregulland-cornwall-wedding_024tregulland-cornwall-wedding_028tregulland-cornwall-wedding_016tregulland-cornwall-wedding_029tregulland-cornwall-wedding_030tregulland-cornwall-wedding_033tregulland-cornwall-wedding_034tregulland-cornwall-wedding_036tregulland-cornwall-wedding_037tregulland-cornwall-wedding_038tregulland-cornwall-wedding_039tregulland-cornwall-wedding_040tregulland-cornwall-wedding_041tregulland-cornwall-wedding_042tregulland-cornwall-wedding_043tregulland-cornwall-wedding_049tregulland-cornwall-wedding_050tregulland-cornwall-wedding_051tregulland-cornwall-wedding_052tregulland-cornwall-wedding_053tregulland-cornwall-wedding_055tregulland-cornwall-wedding_056tregulland-cornwall-wedding_057tregulland-cornwall-wedding_009tregulland-cornwall-wedding_032tregulland-cornwall-wedding_031tregulland-cornwall-wedding_058tregulland-cornwall-wedding_059tregulland-cornwall-wedding_060tregulland-cornwall-wedding_061tregulland-cornwall-wedding_062tregulland-cornwall-wedding_063tregulland-cornwall-wedding_064tregulland-cornwall-wedding_065tregulland-cornwall-wedding_066tregulland-cornwall-wedding_054tregulland-cornwall-wedding_067tregulland-cornwall-wedding_068tregulland-cornwall-wedding_069tregulland-cornwall-wedding_070tregulland-cornwall-wedding_071tregulland-cornwall-wedding_072tregulland-cornwall-wedding_073tregulland-cornwall-wedding_074tregulland-cornwall-wedding_075tregulland-cornwall-wedding_076tregulland-cornwall-wedding_077tregulland-cornwall-wedding_078tregulland-cornwall-wedding_081tregulland-cornwall-wedding_082tregulland-cornwall-wedding_083tregulland-cornwall-wedding_080tregulland-cornwall-wedding_084tregulland-cornwall-wedding_085tregulland-cornwall-wedding_086tregulland-cornwall-wedding_087tregulland-cornwall-wedding_088tregulland-cornwall-wedding_089tregulland-cornwall-wedding_093tregulland-cornwall-wedding_090tregulland-cornwall-wedding_091tregulland-cornwall-wedding_092tregulland-cornwall-wedding_094tregulland-cornwall-wedding_095tregulland-cornwall-wedding_096tregulland-cornwall-wedding_097tregulland-cornwall-wedding_098tregulland-cornwall-wedding_099tregulland-cornwall-wedding_100tregulland-cornwall-wedding_011tregulland-cornwall-wedding_025tregulland-cornwall-wedding_026tregulland-cornwall-wedding_046tregulland-cornwall-wedding_044tregulland-cornwall-wedding_045tregulland-cornwall-wedding_027tregulland-cornwall-wedding_047tregulland-cornwall-wedding_048tregulland-cornwall-wedding_018tregulland-cornwall-wedding_101tregulland-cornwall-wedding_102tregulland-cornwall-wedding_103tregulland-cornwall-wedding_104tregulland-cornwall-wedding_105tregulland-cornwall-wedding_106tregulland-cornwall-wedding_107tregulland-cornwall-wedding_108tregulland-cornwall-wedding_109tregulland-cornwall-wedding_110tregulland-cornwall-wedding_111tregulland-cornwall-wedding_112tregulland-cornwall-wedding_113tregulland-cornwall-wedding_114tregulland-cornwall-wedding_115tregulland-cornwall-wedding_116tregulland-cornwall-wedding_117tregulland-cornwall-wedding_118tregulland-cornwall-wedding_119tregulland-cornwall-wedding_120 If you are  having a wedding at Tregulland in Cornwall or indeed getting married anywhere else and are still looking for a wedding photographer to capture your day in a creative yet relaxed fashion I would love to hear from you.  You can use my contact form or please feel fee to just call me for a chat about your wedding, 07760130044. 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