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Rosevine Hotel Wedding | Cornwall

Lottie & Nick (and Isaac & Max!) | The Rosevine Hotel, Cornwall


“we’ve had a look through the photos and they are absolutely beautiful,

we love them and they really do tell the story of our day.

The colours and the light are absolutely stunning.

Looking at them makes us want to go back and do it all over again…!”




I’ve decided I need to do things a bit differently on my blog. The main problem being, I just don’t blog enough.  With a little bit of soul searching and a lot of navel gazing I realised that the reason I am so unprolific is simply because I hate the writing bit of blogging.  My ineptitude at typing is matched only by my inability to spell. The culmination of this is that the ‘wordy bit’, the writing and typing (and spelling!) bit is just very painful and time consuming for me.

Hence I just don’t do it nearly enough.

It drives me crazy as I want to show off the images I have taken.  I’m really proud of the stories I’ve managed to tell and want them to be seen.  I became a photographer because I passionately believe in the immense power and beauty of the still image yet I was spending more time on the accompanying text.

So from now on, I’m pretty much going to concentrate on showing off the images and not worry about writing too much.  It certainly doesn’t mean that I care any less about these weddings or the couples involved.  Far from it, I love their weddings and the pictures I took at them so much that I don’t want them just gathering virtual dust in the dark corners of my hard drives.

I want people to see the pictures I take, after all I’m a photographer…not a writer.

So to almost contradict everything I’ve said above, here is the wedding of Lottie & Nick and their two amazing boys Isaac & Max.

I remember when I first spoke with all of them on Skype, the importance they placed on capturing the kids, not just their kids but everyone’s kids.  The idea that this was very much a celebration of having a party with all their friends and their families.  There were a lot of kids at this wedding…and that’s just the way I like it.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I think having kids at weddings help cut through all the nonsense and makes everyone concentrate on the good stuff like love, family and friendship. They bring all the proceedings straight back down to earth, sometime with a big bump! I’m always a bit envious when photographing weddings for couples who have their kids present.  I’d love to have had my kids at our wedding (I didn’t have kids when I got married , it wasn’t that I didn’t invite them. I just want to get the record straight!)

The wedding took place at the Rosevine Hotel in Cornwall.  Located on the Roseland Peninsula, on the South Coast, and close to St Mawes and Truro.  I love Cornwall and visit if pretty frequently but didn’t know the Rosevine Hotel or the peninsula.  WOW, what a place to get married and what a really family friendly hotel the Rosevine is.

Anyway that’s more than enough of the ‘wordy bit’, here come the pictures.  Enjoy.


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