Cadhay Wedding | Devon

Cadhay Wedding | East Devon

Amelia + Iain


“We are blown away with how beautiful and unique our photos are.  Your captured us and our style perfectly.

So many people have said they have never seen wedding photos like ours – you are incredibly talented & we feel very lucky that we found you.”



Cadhay in East Devon is undoubtably a very beautiful venue for your wedding, it’s steeped in history (I think bits of the house date back to the 1500s) and is set within some beautiful grounds. But a beautiful venue on its own does not a beautiful wedding make. A truly beautiful wedding needs heart, it needs soul, love, friendship, drinking, laughter, dancing, personality.

This is where Amelia, Iain and their friends & families come in…bringing all of the aforementioned by the bucketload. I LOVED this wedding.  I didn’t just watch it happen but I also felt it happen, it genuinely touched me.  It was more than the some of its parts, it was like some sort of wedding alchemy had taken place – take one incredible venue add the most stunning bride and groom, give it a stir, add a beautiful dress and a dapper suit, give it another stir, sprinkle in an awesome crowd of friends and some lovely family, bring to the boil.  Hey presto, out pops one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve shot…and that is really saying something considering how much it rained.

Boy did it rain…and rain..and rain!  I really felt for Amelia and Ian, nobody dreams of having a rainy wedding day, nobody books a stunning wedding venue like Cadhay hoping it’ll be raining so much that their guest barely get to look around the stunning grounds. Nobody plans on swinging by the beach that they got engaged on for a few post-ceremony pictures in the hope that the wind and rain would be so fearsome that an umbrella would be almost useless.  But it’s how we react to these unwanted and unplanned elements of the day that really sets the tone for the wedding.  Perhaps this also sets the tone not just for the wedding day but also the marriage, just a thought.  If that is the case, then a long and happy marriage is pretty much a shoe-in for Amelia and Iain.  Never have I seen a couple so willing and happy to be walking along a beach while being wind swept and battered by the rain, much to the amusement of a couple of local fishermen.

A huge huge thank you to Amelia & Iain, not just for being such a darn handsome couple, but also for engaging with the photographic process and just being such lovely pop,e to spend the day with.  I genuinely hope our paths cross again.

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